About Us

Cool Kids Music Co. is an organisation that prides itself on delivering quality music education at an affordable price to primary school children. Students learn in small groups of 6 to 8 children for 30 minutes per week. Each child is supplied with an instrument and all required equipment during the lesson. We cater to Year 1 to 6 with keyboard and guitar. Specialised music books, theory worksheets and homework sheets are provided for the children to keep. The program is designed to operate during school hours, but is flexible.

Fees are $12.50 per lesson per week, and are invoiced via email by the school term. Some schools may charge a room usage fee up to $15.00 per term. Payments can be made via direct deposit, cheque, or through our website. Full details are provided on your invoice.

To showcase what the children have learnt throughout the year, we aim to provide a small parent recital at the end of term 3 or 4. At the recital all students will receive a Certificate of Participation, along with a few special awards, and a Student of the Year award presented.*

*Scheduling and coordination of times are dependent on Cool Kids Music Co.’s schedules and school executives. Depending on these circumstances, unfortunately some recitals may not come to fruition.

Creating a musical future for your child

Our vision is to provide quality music tuition at an affordable price to primary school children. Through sharing our passion of music we hope to create a brighter and inspired future in the current and subsequent generations. Today’s children are tomorrow’s future and we need to inspire them and invest all we can into their education and creativity. Cool Kids Music Company prides itself on delivering quality, affordable group music tuition. By being accessible and affordable to families with primary aged children, we open a world of music, new creative perspectives and opportunities to children. Our musical journey will open doors that may just be the key to a passionate and successful life.

Meet Our Team

Meet our caring, intuitive staff. These wonderful people can offer your child an outstanding education in the world of music.
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