Frequently Asked Questions


Yes. Children can learn more than one instrument however it does depend on the lesson times and the instruments that are available at your school.
Yes. Your child can change instruments at the beginning or end of each term, though there is a $20.00 charge for the new book and administration fees. Please contact our friendly administration team to organise this.


Lessons run for 30 minutes per week. School weeks only.
Information regarding lesson times at your school are available under the “Schools” tab. Click on the red dot to reveal information. This information may change from time to time so feel free to call our office for the latest information.
A confirmation email will be sent to you with the time, day and classroom when you enrol. You will need to inform you school teacher and/or OOSH provider of the lesson so they can assist your child to their music lesson. We also encourage you to place a reminder in their lunch box, if you have a lunch time lesson.
No. Students are not required to bring their instrument to their lessons. The tutors bring the required amount of instruments per lesson for the children to practise and be assessed on. We discourage children from bringing their own instrument as damage may occur.
Yes. All students must bring their book to every lesson. It is essential for progress that children bring their book to every lesson. Children have their pieces marked off and homework written in. Prizes are also issued to students at the end of every term if they have remembered their book every week.

If your child has lost their book, please contact the Cool Kids Music office and we can provide a replacement book to your tutor. Replacement books are $20.00.
Students are usually grouped according to their instrument. In some circumstances, particularly in smaller schools, instruments may be combined. This does not affect the child’s learning as all Cool Kids Music tutors are proficient in all the instruments we offer. We help every child individually regardless of the instrument combination in the group. Drum and keyboard students use headphones to ensure maximum focus is maintained throughout the lesson.


Yes. Cool Kids Music tutors write homework in the back of the supplied music workbook. The tutor will write either the page or song they are up to in the correct week on the homework page. Parents are encouraged to mark every time their child has practised in the boxes with a signature.
This depends on how long the child has been learning and how old they are. We recommend following this guideline:
For example, John is eight and has been learning for two years. He should practise for sixteen minutes, three times a week. If you are still unsure, your tutor can provide more information.


Progress reports are sent out upon request. Please contact our friendly team to organise this.


General Fee Information

All lessons are paid on a term-by-term basis. For example, if your child is enrolled in Mini Maestros and there are 10 weeks in a school term, the full term’s fees will be $125. School terms can vary between 9, 10, or 11 weeks. You are not charged for public holidays.

Fees of $15 apply to late payments, and 2% surcharge applies to payments through our website and over the phone.

Some schools charge us a room usage fee. To keep our lesson fees as low as possible across the board, we only apply a room usage fee where applicable. This fee ranges between $5-$15 per term and is given back to your school.

Mini Maestros

Lessons are $12.50 per ½ hour lesson. Additional fees where applicable may include book replacement fee $20, instrument swap fee $20.

8 Week Courses

The cost is $8.50 per lesson for 8 weeks. Additional fees include a book fee for $10.00.

Kindergarten Prep Course

Lessons are $12.50 per ½ hour lesson. Additional fees include a $10.00 book fee per term, and a $10.00 fee to purchase your own recorder in Term 3 ONLY.

Band Tutorials

Band tutorials are $22.00 per ½ hour lesson. Additional fees where applicable may include a book swap/replacement fee $30. Instruments are also available for hire. Please contact our friendly staff for more information.

Band Rehearsals

Band rehearsals are $4.50 per week where a student is enrolled in the Band Tutorials program, and $7.00 per week if a student is receiving private tuition outside of school.

Books are provided for students enrolled in the school Band. Instruments are also available for hire. Please contact our friendly staff for more information.

Fees are due 7 days after first lesson. If fees are not paid within 14 days after first lesson, a late fee of $15.00 will apply and your child’s lessons may be discontinued.
Payments can be made via Direct Deposit or Credit Card via our website or over the phone. We accept cheque to our tutors or posted to P.O.Box 227, Riverstone NSW 2765. Any notes must be handled with us directly and not through your school office.
To discontinue lessons please notify us via phone, email, or SMS, or charges will still apply.