Frequently Asked Questions


Yes. Children can learn more than one instrument however it does depend on the lesson times and the instruments that are available at your school.
Yes. Your child can change instruments at the beginning or end of each term, though there is a $20.00 charge for the new book and administration fees. Please contact our friendly administration team to organise this.


Lessons run for 30 minutes per week. School weeks only.
Information regarding lesson times at your school are available under the “Schools” tab. Click on the red dot to reveal information. This information may change from time to time so feel free to call our office for the latest information.
A confirmation email will be sent to you with the time, day and classroom when you enrol. You will need to inform you school teacher and/or OOSH provider of the lesson so they can assist your child to their music lesson. We also encourage you to place a reminder in their lunch box, if you have a lunch time lesson.
No. Students are not required to bring their instrument to their lessons. The tutors bring the required amount of instruments per lesson for the children to practise and be assessed on. We discourage children from bringing their own instrument as damage may occur.
Yes. All students must bring their book to every lesson. It is essential for progress that children bring their book to every lesson. Children have their pieces marked off and homework written in. Prizes are also issued to students at the end of every term if they have remembered their book every week.

If your child has lost their book, please contact the Cool Kids Music office and we can provide a replacement book to your tutor. Replacement books are $20.00.
Students are usually grouped according to their instrument. In some circumstances, particularly in smaller schools, instruments may be combined. This does not affect the child’s learning as all Cool Kids Music tutors are proficient in all the instruments we offer. We help every child individually regardless of the instrument combination in the group. Drum and keyboard students use headphones to ensure maximum focus is maintained throughout the lesson.


Yes. Cool Kids Music tutors write homework in the back of the supplied music workbook. The tutor will write either the page or song they are up to in the correct week on the homework page. Parents are encouraged to mark every time their child has practised in the boxes with a signature.
This depends on how long the child has been learning and how old they are. We recommend following this guideline:
For example, John is eight and has been learning for two years. He should practise for sixteen minutes, three times a week. If you are still unsure, your tutor can provide more information.
For Keyboard we use and recomend the CASIO CTK-240 model which has 49 full-size keys.
For Guitar we use and recommend ASHTON or VALENCIA 3/4 Size Classical (nylon string).
For Drums we use and recommend the ASHTON EDP450 drum pad for beginners.
High Street Music, 491 High Street, Penrith NSW, 4722 8608
Bam Bam Music, 76 Sunnyholt Road, Blacktown NSW, 9831 5101
Musos Corner, 1 National Park Street, Newcastle West NSW, 4929 2829


Annual reports are provided to students via email. Reports reflect the assessing tutor opinion at the time of completion.


General Fees

Keyboard and guitar lessons are $13.50 (+GST) per half-hour lesson. Drum lessons are $20 (+GST) per half-hour lesson.

Upon enrolment, you are a charged a once off $20 Book Fee. This covers the entire Cool Kids Music Series on your chosen instrument. Books are issued by the tutor when your child progresses between levels.

Lessons are invoiced on a term-by-term basis for the number of weeks in that term. You are not charged for public holidays.

Invoices are due Friday of Week 1, each term.

No discounts available.

Additional Fees (where applicable)

Your invoice will state a 'Due Date', if this is not adhered to, a $15 late penalty is applied and carried over to your next invoice.

If making a payment via our website or over the phone a 2.5% surcharge applies.

Some schools charge us a room usage fee. To keep our lesson fees as low as possible across the board, we only apply a room usage fee where applicable.

If your child changes instruments, you will be required to pay the $20 Book Fee again.

If your child losses their current book, a replacement fee of $10 is required.

Missed or Cancelled Lessons

  • Make-up lessons are only available when a whole school acLvity occurs interrupLng our classes. We ask that parents kindly inform us of such incidences.
  • Cool Kids Music Co. does not provide make-up lessons, credits, or refunds due to forgojen lessons.
  • Make-up lessons are only available if we, Cool Kids Music Co. cancel lessons due to tutor unavailability.

Yes. We are a registered provider for NSW Creative Kids Voucher scheme. To apply for your voucher, please do so at Service NSW.

To redeem your voucher, please email the voucher to us at [email protected] along with your child's Date of Birth.

If your fees are less than $100, no change or credit will be issued. Vouchers expire on 31st December of the issuing year, however we do not accept these after the 18th December due to our office closure.

Your emailed invoice will clearly state the ‘Due Date’. Generally, full term fees are required on or before Friday of Week 1 of each term. If your child is commencing lessons mid term, please adhere to the ‘Due Date’ on your invoice.

If payment is not paid in full by your specified ‘Due Date’ a $15 late penalty is applied and carried over to your next invoice.

If you are having difficulty paying your fees by your ‘Due Date’ please call us immediately to discuss options.

Payments can be made:

Direct Deposit = BSB 112-879 | Account: 446634198 | Bank: St George | Name: Cool Kids Music Co.

Credit Card = via our website or over the phone (0457668742) — 2.5% surcharge applies

Cash = Please give directly to your Cool Kids Music Tutor and not through your school office. Cash payments must be in a clearly labelled envelope with your Child’s Name, School and Amount enclosed. Please enclose the correct money as no change is given.

To discontinue lessons please notify us via phone, email, or SMS, or charges will still apply.

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